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Nov. 28, 2012



I Dr. Bright Okogu(Director-General)Debt Management office(DMO), wishes to inform you that due to
the petitions received by the Office of the president(FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA), from all over
the world in regards to the fraudulent activities going on, and this has been delaying the release
of funds due demand outrageous fees to get their Transferred to them.

We have been having series of meetings in other to find a more appropriate way to pay off all
outstanding claims from various contractors.
A resolution was reached at the end our meetings, in attendance was the representative from the
office the president, The Minister of Finance, The Governor Central bank of Nigeria and the Head of
Finance and appropriation committee of the Nigerian senate. A unanimous decision was taken that all
payment should be via Issuing of an internationally acceptable Automated Teller Machine card (ATM
CARD) the sum of USD2,500,000,00 is to be activated via this card to every foreign contractors that
may have not received their contract sum, and people that have had an unfinished transaction or
international businesses that failed due to Government problems etc.

We found your name in our list and that is why we are contacting you, all modalities has been
arrange and duly signed.Therefore, we are happy to inform you that an arrangement has perfectly been
concluded to effect your payment as soon as possible in our bid to be very transparent.However, it
is our pleasure to inform you that your ATM Card Number; 4083 0521 0026 3337 has been approved and
upgraded in your favor.Meanwhile, your Secret Pin Number will be available as soon as you confirm to
us the receipt of your ATM CARD.The ATM Card Value is USD 2,500,000.00 USD Only. You are advised
that a maximum withdrawal value of US2,500.00 or its Equivalent in your local currency is permitted
We have also concluded delivery arrangement with our accredited courier service Companies to oversee
the delivery of the ATM Card to you without any further delay. Your Atm VISA CARD would be sent to
you via UPS / FEDEX COURIER Because we have signed a contract with the courier companies above.
Below are few list of tracking numbers of beneficiaries who have so far received their deliveries,
you can track from UPS website(www.ups.com) to confirm people like you who have received their
payment successfully.

AUGUSTIN NEW MOON ==============J249 140 6910
KEN BRABO ==============J249 140 6901 
TERRENCE BULLOCK ==============J248 717 2510
TIFFANY E GALBRAITH ==============J248 717 2538
REBECCA CLARK ==============J248 717 2565

Moreover, this is another people that received there payment through fedEx website (www.fedex.com).

SEAN JACK===================794684436736
ALMER J.JAMERSON====================797023135191
MOSES S. SCERE====================794684436254
ISMAEL ARGUIJO===================794684437033  

Be informed that your response would be by telephone or through email Only. Any further delay will
amount total cancellation of your payment.
We are working according to the constitution binding this committee You will be required to contact
the above mentioned institution via telephone or email. Hoping to hear from you as soon as you
receive your ATM.

Dr. Bright Okogu
Debt Management Office