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Note: Don't reply to this message or anything like it. It's a scam!


Greetings from George Daniels

Dec. 6, 2012

Greetings from George Daniels

I am George Daniels, a Banker and credit system programmer (HSBC bank). 
I saw your email address while browsing through  the bank DTC Screen in 
my office yesterday so I decided to use this very chance to know you. I 
believe we should use every opportunity to know each other better. 
However, I am contacting you for obvious reason which you will 

I am sending this mail just to know if this email address is OK,
reply me back so that I will send  more details to you.
I have a very important thing to discuss with you, I look forward to 
receiving your reponse at g.daniels32@aol.com. Have a pleasant day.

George Daniels