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Real form

Dec. 21, 2012

Have you ever met a very positive lady? With bright smile and open eyes a person whose heart is full
of light and creative thoughts... Then you should know me))) I have a lot of things I wanted to
share with my man. I think that marriage should be sturdy and last a lifetime, that's why I'm
looking for a serious person. The family should be priority number one for him. Every woman dreams
of a strong and good man next to him 
to lean on and I am not exception. I'm kind-hearted and responsive and beautiful. Sometimes people
expect other people to make them happy but I think only a person can do this by himself. 
I like observing people. It's very interesting to get to know an inner world of a person by his
gestures, eyes and the way he talks. 
I'm waiting for you http://epQkIE2yNJ.populus.ch Goodbye