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Note: Don't reply to this message or anything like it. It's a scam!



Feb. 8, 2013

Dear Friend,

My name is Mr. Joon, writing from Koto Fukagawa (Tokyo) Japan. I am making
this contact with you on the strength of my late Boss Fund. Am searching
for someone willing to receive fund on my behalf abroad, and then invest
the fund to making profit in accordance with the foreign directives on
investment regulations in your country.

 I worked as the General Caretaker to late Mr. Masamichi Kazama, was an
international businessman and real estate developer in Fukushima Japan,
died during the tsunami disaster (earthquake) in Fukushima Japan.

Your role in this transaction is to receive the fund as trustee, It's very
important to state clearly now that this fund is legit and completely
legal. It is not in any way associated with any illegalities, drug or
money laundering activities. I have documentary evidence/proof of the non-
criminal origin of the fund as such we will not be violating any
prevailing international laws as a result of investing the fund.

Kindly study the web site to understand the culture of private cash
deposit in JAPAN.


The fund is presently deposited in a financial institution. Upon our
collective agreement, and decision, it can then be credited into your
designated bank account for this re- investment purposes.

In the event that you are willing to assist me on this project as a
partner, provide me with your direct telephone and fax numbers for further

Do contact me on my private E-mail: (joon26xin@yahoo.com.hk)

Best regards,

 A. Joon