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Note: Don't reply to this message or anything like it. It's a scam!


Can We Work Together?

March 24, 2013

Strictly Confidential

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings. Please accept my apologies if this request does not meet  
your personal ethics as it is not intended to cause you any  
embarrassment in what ever form. I got your contact from the internet  
directory and decided to contact you for this benefited transaction  
that is based on honesty and trust. This proposition is genuine,  
please do not classify it as hoax.

I am Mathew Schneider, a barrister here in Switzerland and personal  
attorney to Mr. Antonio Puerta, a professional Footballer from FC  
Seville-Spain, and after making several searches, my mind motivated me  
to contact only you among others.

My Client Mr. Antonio Puerta gets collapsed on 25. August 2007 when  
playing football and suddenly dead after rushed to hospital. Please  
for confirmation go through below websites.

Since almost 5 years i have his personal Money from his Salary,  
Sponsors and Commissions into our Accounts that we was keeping for him  
to Invest here in Switzerland for his future.  Now  is almost 5 years  
ago and there was nobody asking us for this Money.

For this reason, we are searching for a reliable Partner that we can  
trust, and support us in receiving this Amount of $12'230'000, 00 USD  
(Twelve Million Two Hundred and Thirty thousand US Dollars only) into  
his Account. We want to send this Money out of Switzerland urgently  
and we hope that you can support us?

If this proposition offends your moral values, do accept my apologies.  
However  If you feel that you can handled this, Please feel free to  
contact me through my email address  below, upon hearing from you,I  
will give you more details, information about these funds and the best  
possible way to move it out from here.

However, we would also discuss what benefit each of us will gain from  
this transaction. I believe i can trust you as reliable Partner and  
therefore i would like to know your capability and willingness.

Yours faithfully,

Mathew Schneider& Partners
Mathew Schneider (Esq)
Accredited Specialist
Property Law.