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April 15, 2013

Email; darrywhite28@gmail.com

Qingdao Yandao Yacht Manufacturing Co., Ltd
No. 200,Songling Road
Qingdao, Shandong
China 264200

Re: Immediate Employment/Position: International Staff For Qingdao Yandao Yacht Manufacturing Co.,

Why you have been Contacted: We had problem as chines company in previous times communicating
effectively with our clients due to differences in language. As a result, our clients insist on us
having a representative of the company in Canada , South/North America and Europe or other parts as
the case may be for easy access and communication. We have further plans to expand our liaison
offices as well as opening more offices around the world. Please note that we have commenced
operations and supplies have been made to your region. You will be placed on a mothly salary of
$5,000.00 (USD $60,000.00) per annual and a 10% commission for each sale of products and payments
received from our customers in your region. 
You can still be the company representative over there in your 
country without quiting your present job or career okay.

Qingdao Yandao Boat Manufacturing Company locates at the beautiful seaside city Qingdao. As a
professional boat manufacturing factory, we dedicate ourselves to the design and manufacture of
boats. We specialized in FRP boat and rigid inflatable boat manufacturing. Strict quality control
system is adopted the whole process. Advanced Vacuum Adsorption technology is applied in FRP hull
molding. South Korea PVC fabric and advanced adhesive method is adopted in inflatable tube
manufacturing. Fashionable design, high quality and considerate service is our standing advantages.
We make and export ship/Boat building material such as Steel, Aluminium Alloy and High Tech
Composite Materials  to Canada, America and Europe.

Job Description/Responsibilities.
1. Receive orders/payment for products from customers in your country.
2. Serve as company liaison officer over there.
3. Accounting transactions and dealing with the billing of customers 
that owes us money.
4. Provide an efficient and reliable means of managing the company's 
entire receivables process.

You will be Proud To Serve - Qingdao Yandao Yacht Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Thank you for your time. 
Kind Regards,
Mr.Darry White

UK Office: +44 704 577 11893
fax office ; 448712514063 .