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Business Developer(Loaners Representatives)

April 28, 2013

Interested Loaners,

My providers represent a classified cell of Cash Funds/Investments Owners, 
ready, willing and able to provide cash against heavy projects in any part 
of the Globe, minus all black-listed nations and specializing in growth
capital investments.We seek to invest in public and private securities in
a broad range of areas including real estate, energy, oil and gas,
emerging markets and high-technology. Within the technology sector, our
firm focuses on communications, software and digital content and services.
The Club2000 Group is an independently owned, international organisation
specialising in providing financial solutions for business purpose, in any

Culb2000 is founded by Mr.King J. Wo, the club2000 Group takes great
pride in satisfying the needs of our clients. Our primary focus is to
simplify the whole process to borrow money and create Investments.
The Club2000 Group portfolios are structured and registered as Fund of
Funds and these are actively managed by our investment team.

The funds are registered with the World Wide Funding Organization for 
Humanitarian Projects, including the Red Cross Society, World Wide Funding 
Network, and Refugees initiatives.

owning a Charity Organization, or affiliated to one on a Trustee Membership
/Status shall be an added advantage to pass the compliance test of the loan 
approval board.The Club2000 Group intends investing in a range of between
$5Million-$100Million in any viable projects that your company requires
funding on an equity investment capacity/Loan Applications. On vetting of
your company's Business Plan we shall determine on the projects possible

Qualified beneficiaries shall be expected to meet with the Loan Disbursement 
Reps at a convenient venue at selected capital cities across the continents 
of the world. This is another mile stone toward reducing world wide poverty. 
Funds shall be utilized for upwards of 10 years, until 20. Please note, funds 
could be engaged into any profitable business, BUT certain percentages shall 
be earmarked and contributed to Humanitarian/Charity Organizations, and Poverty 
Alleviation Programs initiated by private citizens.
This offer proposal is open to all persons of any religion affiliation. No 
Discrimination on Color, Race, or Religion.

We look forward to your reply based on concrete and serious interest.

Kind Regards,

Mr.Frank J. Zezar
Club2000 Hong Kong Group

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