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Note: Don't reply to this message or anything like it. It's a scam!


Dear Friend

April 27, 2013

Dear Friend,

Naturally, this letter will come to you as a surprise, since I am
Barrister John.Briggs contacting you to kindly assist me in the
proposition below, which will be of mutual benefit to us both.

A Salvadorian, Mr. Ramirez Videurre, 66 years of age and a very
prosperous farmer made a huge bank deposit for investment in the sum
of US$21.2Million(Twenty-one Million, Two hundred thousand United
States Dollars)he named his wife Mrs. Helga Videurre as the NEXT OF KIN
I was called upon as an Accredited Attorney to the bank to sign and
endorse documents to this deposit on Mr. Videurre?s behalf.
Unfortunately, Mr.& Mrs. Videurre were killed in the January 14,
earthquake that rocked El Salvador, killing thousands of people and
1200 others were declared missing. The bank management now mandates me
(being the lawyer that signed and endorsed the deposit papers for the
deceased to trace the family relativesof the deceased so that the fund
will be released to them.
I was made to understand that they had no children. I made several
efforts through the El Salvador Probate British to contact any of the
deceased family relatives,but to no avail. Failure to reach any of the
family relatives of the deceased,the only option left for the Banks
Management is to declare the deceased accountdormant and revert the
fund on trading and investment in the interest of the bank.
In order to avoid this development since it has so far been
impossible to trace any of the deceased family relatives. I now seek
your permission and assistance to have you stand as a distant relatives
to the deceased. So that the fund can be released to you and we can use
it for our mutual benefit.

I hope you do understand my concern in this matters, that if we do not
use this opportunity to claim this fund, since the deceased relatives
cannot be traced,the management of the bank will declare the deceased
account dormant and revert the fund on Trading and Investment in the
interest of the bank. For your assistance,you will be compensated
adequately with(40%) of the total sum (55%) will be my own share while
(5%) will be set aside to cover any incidental expense made both at
home and abroad prior to this transaction. If you are interested in
assisting me with this proposal.
please send to me urgently via my EMAIL the following details

Your Full Name:_____________________
Your Complete Address:________________________
Name of City of Residence:________________________
Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year):__________________
Direct Telephone Number: ____________________
Mobile Number: ____________________________
Fax Number:___________________________________

Upon receiving the above details from you, I will work out every
documents/proof representing you as the deceased BONA-FIDE distant
relative and when this is done, you will be contacted by the bank for
the release and collection of this fund, which will be within one week
of my receiving the above details from you.

I will meet with you in your country for disbursement after the fund
might have been released to you and also to discuss investment
potentials as I will like to invest in your country with your
assistance. Be assured that this transaction is 100% risk free, as I
have taken care of all necessary modalities to enable a
hitch free transaction.Kindly ensure to treat this matter in strict
privacy(Highly Confidential).

Yours Sincerely

John. Briggs Esq.