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July 8, 2013

Through the Federal Commission for Foreign Scholarships (cfbes-Swiss), the 
state secretariat to study and research of the Confederation calls for the 
application for 500 Swiss research grants under the academic year 2013-2014. 
These scholarships are for nationals of the Class A (European industrialized 
countries and non-EU) and the countries of the Class B (developing countries, 
Third World and non-European). They should allow them to continue their 
education, their knowledge for research work in the areas that universities 
London pay particular attention.
Specificity of the scholarship:
- By granting 600 scholarships education jobs, the Swiss Confederation intends 
to facilitate immigration to those wishing to continue their studies and obtain 
Swiss state diplomas.
- Candidates who are successful in the selection of candidates will be inserted 
outraged their study in sensitive sectors of economic and social life in 
Switzerland (health, law, diplomacy, communication, finance, energy, industry, 
transport, agriculture etc. .. ). This option confederation London aims to 
provide a professional capacity for the stock to work if they wish Swiss at the 
end of their training.
Duration of award:
- Scholarships cover the period of a training or a maximum 03 years (six 
Travel expenses:
The return flight (country of origin and Switzerland) tickets are supported by 
the Federal Committee on foreign exchanges.
Prerequisites for the application:
Generally, candidates for Swiss foreign scholarship must:
- Have more than 16 years to 65 years - understand and speak a language 
properly teaching in Switzerland (French, Spanish, German, Italy, have a 
diploma equivalent to patent study undergraduate teaching , bachelor or patent 
professional ability of countries of the European Union.
Selection Procedure:
-Remove from the Swiss Federal Commission for Scholarships Swiss Foreign (cfbes-
Switzerland) the application form via exchange at their email address:
-Complete and send by e-mail attachment form
-The Federal Committee on Foreign Scholarships Swiss will study your case by 
the Swiss delegate representing your area and category of countries.
-Successful candidates will receive a certificate from the secretary of state 
to study and research for notification of the award.
Candidates wishing to participate in scholarship must withdraw form to fill out 
with our office via their e-mail address is:
   Closing date for applications:
-The deadline for applications is scheduled for July 26, 2013.
However, the Federal Committee on Foreign Scholarships Switzerland reserves the 
right to terminate the grant of scholarship competition scholarships available.
The President of the Federal Commission for Scholarships foreign Switzerland



kaukab harba commented, on July 17, 2013:

Mein Name ist Kaukab Harba, ich bin aus Syrien. 2009 habe ich den Titel: Dr.Ing. aus Bauhaus Universität in Weimar ( Deutschland ) bekommen?
Ich brauche wirklich diese Stipendium um weiter zu qualifizieren,da die Situation in Syrien sehr schwierig ist?

könnten Sie bitte mir die Formula schicken?

Vielen Dank im Voraus.