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We cannot process your payment at this time !

Aug. 3, 2013

                  We routinely review =
account activity within our network and found an issue with your account =
that's preventing a payment from being processed.  We need your help =
to resolve it and realise that you may not be able to respond immediately, so =
we've acted to protect your account by limiting some features, like sending =
payments.  This is a temporary measure until the issue's resolved. We =
apologise for any inconvenience.       What you need =
do ?     Please download the =
attached document to confirm that you are the account =
holder . Once =
we've received your information we'll review it.    =
 If the review is =
successful, we'll email you when the limitation is lifted and your account =
access restored. Otherwise, we'll contact you for more information. =
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