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Aug. 4, 2013

: EULOTTO/0208/ESP/003
BATCH NUMBER: 2010/AXN/30_46PRIZE: =80750,=
000.00 [Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Euros]************************=
!!! , It is our pleasure to inform you that your email address attached to =
the REFERENCE NUMBERS ABOVE emerged winner in the 2nd Category of the EURO =
AVENTURA 24 quarter draw with selected lucky number: 11=3D16=3D20=3D29=
=3D32=3D36.A payment of =80750,000 has deposited for payment to=
 owner of this email address. You have to send the follow infomation to=
 the assigned agent below1. Full Names: 2. Address: 3. Mobile numbe=
r: 4. Phone numbers: 5. Fax number: 6. Country:UNITER AGENCY. S. L=
Mr. Luise Antonio (claim officer)TEL: +33-761-451-649FAX: +33-=
Email: Uniter_seguros=
@aol.com or Uniter.seguros@aol.comNote: Please =
contact the agent above immediately by telephone number above to confirm th=
e authenticity of this payment and your email address will automatically be=
 listed in the upcoming Euro Milliones Aventura draw.Best regards,Mr. Luise AntonioSILVER JACKPOT
INC.(Euro Milliones Aventura).http://silverjackpot.eu/lottos/index.php