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Note: Don't reply to this message or anything like it. It's a scam!


Please verify your email address associated with your Itunes ID

Dec. 5, 2013

**Dear Client ,**

his is an automatic message by the system to let ou know that you hae to
confirm our account information within 48 hours. our account has been frozen
temorarily in order to rotect it.

he account will continue to be frozen until it is aroed nd Validate our ccount
nformation. nce ou hae udated our account records, our information will be
confirmed and your account will start to work as normal once again.

[Verify ow >](http://www.autobusy-poznan.pl/images/smilies/apple-

**Wondering why you got this email ?**

It' s sent when someone adds or changes a contact email address for an le D
account. f ou didn't do this, don't worr. our email address cannot be used as
a contact address for an le D without your erification.


le Customer Suort

TM and copyright 2013 Apple Inc. 1 Infinite Loop, MS 96-DM, Cupertino, CA